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subject 빅솔론 라벨프린터 SLP-T400 열전사 감열식 겸용 카다로그
name 코스트넷 (ip:)
  • date 2015-04-08 11:30
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안녕하세요. 코스트넷 입니다.

빅솔론 라벨프린터 SLP-T400 열전사 감열식 겸용 카다로그 입니다.

빅솔론 라벨프린터 SLP-T400 열전사 감열식 겸용 카다로그

빅솔론 라벨프린터 SLP-T400


The BIXOLON SLP-T400 is the most comprehensive, cost-effective model of industrial thermal transfer label printers in the marketplace today.

The SLP-T400 is an ideal for a wide array of mission critical bar code labeling requirements including 2D, such as Maxicode, PDF417, QR Code and Data Matrix applications. In fact, where intricate two-dimensional bar coding is required for compliance labeling, small parts tracking, or product identification, the label printer SLP-T400 has emerged as the printer of choice by large, multinational operations.

This easy to use, low maintenance printer SLP-T400 reduces training requirements and operating costs, and provides flexible solutions through a variety of options and accessories.


Powerful Hardware provided

∙ Faster printing speed (6 inches per second, 150mm/sec)

∙ High resolution (300 dpi optional) of printing SLP-T403

∙ Wide range of ribbon roll length from 74m to 300m

∙ Triple interface (Serial, Parallel, USB) all in one

∙ External/Internal Ethernet interface (Option)

Upgraded Firmware included

∙ 6 different languages supported (Programming languages)

∙ The label format can be stored in the printer and can be reused

∙ 2D barcode (Maxi code, PDF 417, QR Code, Data Matrix)

∙ Block printing (Line, Box, Slope etc.)

∙ 22 Code pages supported (included in the standard firmware)

Customer Oriented Software tools

∙ Device Font Supported

∙ Command Programming Supported

∙ User-defined Paper Size Supported

∙ Compatible Nice Label Program Provided

∙ Zoom Driver from A4 or Letter size to 4” size

∙ True Type font download tool supported

∙ unified label printer utility supported

Other value-added features

The standard version of the SLP-T400 is already equipped with a peeler and a dispenser features that are usually only available optionally at extra cost.

Easy-to-recognize Status indicator

Short label (minimal height of label up to 5mm) printing supported

Smart detection of empty label

Label printer SLP-T400 detects empty label and leap over to next label automatically


Various Options such as Extra Ribbon, Label Design Program (Full version), Auto-Cutter Type Model and RFID

file SLP-TX400.pdf
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